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We at EasyMom strive to make lives better for couples. Sexological issues can become house-breakers. Therefore, it is important to get yourself checked and cured.


Our professional staff is trained to handle male sexual problems including:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Men suffering from issues of initiating or maintaining an erection can visit our care facility. This disease affects as many as 30 million men. The disease brings with it depression and low self-esteem which can lead to a poor relationship with the partner. After an accurate diagnosis of the exact cause of ED, you will be given treatment accordingly. The prescribed
drugs may include oral pills (Viagra), or testosterone therapy, depending on your condition. Penile injections or
intraurethral medications may also be recommended.

Premature Ejaculation
A major obstacle to happy sexual life is premature ejaculation. Ejaculation of semen sooner than the man/woman wants during sex can take away the essence of good sex. Rapid ejaculation or premature climax during sex does not pose any issues regarding reproduction. To make your sex more enjoyable, visit our
healthcare facility as soon as possible.

We offer different treatment modalities for correcting premature ejaculation:

Medical Therapy
The doctor may prescribe you drugs. You may also be suggested α1-Adrenoceptor antagonists for correcting
retrograde ejaculation.

Psychological Therapy
In this therapy, couples are counseled to grow closer to each other and become less nervous about sexual performance. A boost in sexual confidence and an understanding of the partner’s satisfaction can benefit both members.

Behavioral Therapy
Exercises are recommended to delay ejaculation. The main aim is to postpone ejaculation and improve sex.

Loss Of Libido
At EasyMom we can help you out with your decreased urge for sex. Libido is common in men and should be treated to maintain a good relationship with your partner.

Initially, the underlying cause of libido is identified. Then treatment is provided via medications, psychological therapy, and counseling.

Pre And Post Marital Counselling
You can share your concerns with us too. We also provide premarital counseling to guide you into a happy sexual life with improved reproductivity.
Post-marital counseling is also vital. Guidance regarding family planning and sexual precaution is important. Our experts have the skill to impart this knowledge and address your concerns in the best possible manner.


Contraceptive Method Counselling
EasyMom also offers information regarding contraceptive methods. The doctor will guide you into using
appropriate contraceptives such as:
● Condoms
● Contraceptive pills
● Intrauterine devices
● Contraceptive implants and injections
● Diaphragm

Counseling And Sexological Treatment

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