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EasyMom offers expert services in issues regarding pregnancy and childbirth. There are a number of pregnancy complications that increase the risk of birth defects, putting the lives of children and mothers at stake.

The list of pregnancy-related complications managed at EasyMom is given below:

Hypertension During Pregnancy
It is estimated that almost 8% of pregnant women suffer from gestational hypertension worldwide. Studies suggest that hypertension during pregnancy is directly linked to preeclampsia.


Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by multiple organ failures (lungs, kidneys, etc.) in the mother. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on how high your mercury goes.

Our doctors can very well manage the impact of preeclampsia.

As this disorder is linked to increased risk of seizures, and abruptions in the placenta, doctors treat it on an immediate basis.

If you feel a rise in blood pressure visit us to keep yourself and the little soul healthy. You might be prescribed blood pressure-lowering drugs along with anticonvulsants (in case of seizures) and steroids in severe cases.

Easy Mom staff and doctors are well trained to bring down the raised blood pressure.

Gestational Diabetes
Managing gestational diabetes is tricky but not for us. We have expertise in the field and shall help you in keeping control of the glycemic index during the child-bearing period.

Other issues that are addressed at the facility include intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) and prematurelabor.

Gestational Obesity 
In our clinical practice, we have seen a number of women gaining excessive weight during pregnancy. This pregnancy-induced obesity increases the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). The rise in weight entails muscle issues and low back pain. Therefore, it is important to look after your weight too.

Have advice from the experts who will help you out in maintaining weight within normal limits. The healthcare center will also help you lose weight after delivery.

Normal Delivery
When in EasyMom, you don't need to worry about delivering a baby. We offer an exceptionally hygienic, clean, and sterile environment for you. The calm area will ease delivery.

What makes EasyMom special is that the doctors here put great effort into promoting normal childbirth.


Unlike other hospitals, we aim to do what is best for the patient.

Painless Delivery
Gone are the days when women used to suffer through extreme pains while giving birth to a child. The advancements in anesthesia have now made it possible for ladies to actively push a baby out of the vagina normally and not feel even the slightest of pain.

Thanks to the availability of epidural anesthetic injections, women can now stop having nightmares about normal delivery.

How Is It Performed?

Painless delivery goes in the following manner:

1. The patient sits on the operation table.
2. The anesthesiologist marks the points on your lower back.
3. Then he places a plastic tube through which anesthetic drugs are released into the spinal cord (epidural
region of the spinal cord).
4. Once the patient's lower limbs and pelvis are anesthetized the gynecologist performs the normal delivery procedure.

In some cases, 100% anesthesia may not be achieved but still, this process provides a great deal of relief to the mother. The only cons of this process include increased labor, loss of bladder control, and nausea/dizziness.
The process is completely safe and is now being practiced commonly.

Caesarean Section (C-section)
In cases of pregnancy complications, the doctors at EasyMom perform a Caesarean section for delivery. The skill and bravura of the gynecologists are commendable. You will also appreciate the cost-efficacy of the treatment offered. Child-bearing mothers can opt for either spinal (epidural) anesthesia or general anesthesia. Both types have their own pros and cons.

In epidural anesthesia, the mother is awake during the entire process and can consciously hear her child’s first cry. General anesthesia is still used in complicated cases but spinal anesthesia has greatly taken over it.

EasyMom offers both spinal and general anesthesia for the patients.

The facility boasts of a clean, hygienic operation theater. The doctors are trained to manage any complications during childbirth.


If the mother has the following conditions then a Caesarean section becomes eminent:

Abnormal Positioning Of The Fetus:
In a normal delivery, the baby repositions itself during the last trimester such that the head of the baby lies at the vagina. But sometimes the baby flips and the feet or butt of the baby is near the vaginal canal. In such cases, vaginal delivery has some complications and so, the doctors opt for a C-section.

Fetal Issues:
If the fetus (unborn baby) is not getting enough oxygen or there are birth defects suspected, doctors decide to ease out the delivery process for the baby by going for a Cesarean section.
Cord abnormalities such as cord entanglement around the child's neck in the womb, and cord prolapse (slipping out of the umbilical cord through the cervix before childbirth) are considered  emergencies, and immediate C-section is performed.

Prolonged Labour:
Stalled Labour i.e. prolonged labor and no birth is the leading cause of C-section deliveries. It usually occurs in new moms who have been in labor for more than 20 hours. Multiple babies also prompt Cesarean section deliveries.

Note: Our doctors do not recommend a C-section unless the patient is not in a favor of normal delivery (and there is no associated pregnancy complication).

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