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EasyMom also offers a donation program. The donation program is the best program offered in the vicinity.

Couples can take advantage of this affordable program.

Sperm Donation
The donor sperm bank is an active department and carefully preserves the sperms donations.

The selection criteria for a sperm donation acquires the donor to:
● Has good health
● Is younger than 38 years of age
● Is emotionally stable
● Has no history of inherited diseases

After selection, the hospital does a complete donor profiling which includes semen analysis, blood analysis, and screening for HIV, hepatitis, etc. The age, weight, religion, and ethnicity of the donor are also duly noted. We follow the international rules for the donation which allows only 10 children to be born by the same donor’s sperms.

Egg Donation
Females can help other women enjoy the perks of motherhood by donating their eggs (oocyte). The donated egg can be fertilized with sperms and implanted into the surrogate mother.


The selection criteria for an egg donor is:
● Younger than 27
● Medically fit and healthy (no disease history such as hepatitis, HIV, etc.)
● Have had children before
● Has normal levels of hormones
● No history of genetic/hereditary disorders

No more than 6 donations can be taken from the same donor.

Embryo Donation
Couples in which both husband and wife suffer from infertility can take help from embryo donations. It is commonly seen that cousin marriages lead to a greater risk of developing genetic disorders in children. Such parents can opt for an embryo donation too.

At EasyMom we carry out a proper analysis of the sperm and egg donations. The details of the sperm donor (height, weight, skin color, eye and hair color, etc.) are analyzed and used to accurately fuse it with an ideal egg to form an embryo. This embryo can then be implanted into the intended mother.

Vitrification is the procedure of freezing the eggs. Egg freezing is now a common procedure that allows greater pregnancy rates.

EasyMom offers top-notch vitrification services to the general public.


Vitrification might benefit he following category of patients:

Women Undergoing Cancer Therapy
The process is extremely beneficial for women undergoing chemo or radiotherapy for malignancy treatment. As the treatment modalities have a negative impact on reproductive health, young women wanting to become mothers can get their healthy eggs extracted and vitrified.

Women suffering from endometriosis have a difficult time getting successful embryonic implantation. Such ladies can preserve their eggs until the excess thickening of the uterine wall subsides. They can use their own donated eggs even years later.

Family History Of Early Menopause
Early menopause is a problem that seems to run in families. Women of such a family can become pregnant even after the early onset of menopause by getting their eggs vitrified. The extracted eggs can be thawed and fertilized with the husband's sperm. This procedure has promising results.

Delayed Marriage
Enthusiastic career-oriented ladies who can not get married early due to work commitments can take the burden off of their passing reproductive age by taking help from our vitrification procedure.

Women over 35 years of age whose marriage prospects are far away can easily get their eggs frozen till their prince charming comes with
whom they can start a family.

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